Welcome to our Wiki!

This is the page where we will talk to each other, share our thoughts, feelings, files, photos, videos...etc from now on. Just remember to sign and date your response so that everyone can see who's been saying what.

Be brave, start writing and enjoy!

Ms Kwok
28 June 2010

Cinder Edna

This is the file summarising what you thought about the characters.

Ms Kwok
29 June 2010

An important email

I've sent you a rather important email today. Please check your mail box.


Ms Kwok
9 July 2010

Our group journal has moved (well, more my journal for the time being...)


For some reasons, you guys can change all the entries into Chinese and I don't know how to change them back to English.

I really don't want to re-write everything, especially as the entries get longer and longer. I don't want to make this too much work for me and I don't want to use Chinese on this Wiki! DO NOT translate the page. Instead look up words you don't know using Yahoo Dictionary or other English-Chinese online dictionaries. The purpose of setting up this Wiki is for you all to read and write more in English.

Right then. Here is what I have decided to do. I am moving this journal page to a new blog:

The Reluctant Blogger

Please click on the link and go to this new blog. You are free to comment on my entries. I will have to check your comments before they can go on the blog, so don't worry if your comments don't show up after you have submitted them.

Have a great summer break!

Ms Kwok
11 July 2010

New slideshow on prepositions

I've uploaded a slideshow about some basic prepositions, e.g. on, in, under, over...etc which some of you might have completely forgotten! Check it out on "Grammar Points" page.

Ms Kwok
19 August 2010

Speaking script

Here is the script for individual speaking in our lesson. Download the document so that you can prepare beforehand.

Ms Kwok
11 September 2010

Trouble downloading Word documents

I know that some of you have trouble downloading Word documents. One reason could be your home computer does not have Microsoft Word. Here is a link to a FREE software called Open Office. You can download the software and then you will be able to open Word documents I sent to you.


You can choose Chinese Traditional if you prefer reading Chinese to reading English.

Ms Kwok
23 September 2010